Feel The Moment 1

I came home Saturday evening from the Wild and Free conference thinking about all the things I wanted to implement with our kids’ homeschooling experience. I came home to find that the kids weren’t there – they were with Ben at a neighbor’s house building a fort in a tree… we ended up sharing dinner together, playing in the fort, and sitting by the fire as the children told ‘scary’ stories – all while sitting under the open, starry sky. It was surreal. It was everything from the conference… happening organically. My heart was full.

The kids spent the entire next 24 hours adding things to the fort – naming it – and playing in it. Naomi was so happy with the swing addition that she begged me to watch her swing, over and over.

I think it’s often hard to see or feel what’s behind an image – what makes it important. I’m going to start a little series that will show what I see from a variety of angles, so that the final image can be appreciated for the moment it freezes. Here’s the first of this new idea!

Photo settings for featured image: 35mm, 2.0, ISO 2500, 1000.




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