Nature Pal Exchange | Homeschooling

There is this super awesome group of moms that put together the Nature Pal Exchange. You make a simple donation, usually around $5, and they will link you with another family from somewhere in the USA. You and that family will then exchange handmade crafts using things found in nature where you live. It gives kids an opportunity to see nature things native to their pal’s environment.

We joined in on the Christmas Pal Exchange this year and got linked up with a family in California. Here’s what we received:


And here’s what we made for them: We walked through the woods and the kids cut down branches from trees in the woods behind our home. We strung them together and made a beautiful wreath. We also collected Oyster Shells from the river and creek by our house. The kids made cute little angles out of the shells to send to their Nature Pals in California.

IMG_6439+PINIMG_6438+PINBe sure to follow their Instagram feed to see the upcoming Nature Pal Exchange opportunities!


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