What Community Looks Like

When we were deciding whether or not to “sell it all” and move the river… a HUGE factor for us was isolation. We thought we would be leaving all connections and would be isolated from ‘the rest of the world’ if we moved to the country. A bit of extreme logic, but never-the-less… that was always the top point of consideration when we discussed moving.

I have to say that we have felt more connected to the community and more connected in 6 months than we felt in 6 years in our previous neighborhood. I think our mindsets have a lot to do with it… when there are 14,000 people on the road with you as you drive through suburbia… stopping to connect with someone is the furthest thing from your mind. So, since we see fewer people throughout the week in the country we are more inclined to stop, talk, and connect. It’s been really awesome. We’ve also seen our neighborhood come together and we’ve enjoyed parties, impromptu get-togethers and building spontaneous tree-forts.

This weekend our friends, Tim and Ann, were down with their son. We rallied together to work on the ever-evolving tree-house for the kids. We grabbed what was in the fridge or freezer and threw together a delicious impromptu pot-luck and sat around a fire. As I watched the men working together for the good of the group and the kids… all I could think was… “This is what community looks like”. I took pictures for about 20 minutes to capture the day spent with friends. Here are some of my favorites!



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