Documentary Family Session | In-home | Richmond, VA

When I first picked up my camera about 4 years ago. I knew I saw something different. I knew that my perspective was different. However-  I tried to shoot like everyone else and have the same eye as some of my mentors or idols in the photography industry, but it felt hallow. I wasn’t fulfilled. Something was missing.

Fast forward a few years and my vision behind the camera became clearer. I began to shoot with a purpose – I began to tell stories. Once I started with that mindset my work began to have emotion, began to have meaning, began to fill me and produce meaningful images for others.

My heart has always been to find a connection on the front side of the camera and freeze it. To tell a story of a person, of a child, of a family, of a moment in time.

Kendall’s session was everything that I would hope for in a family session. I walked in the door of her home in the fan district of Richmond. We began talking about our day and other mommy/photographer things. Meanwhile I picked up my camera and started shooting her sweet little Isla girl as we continued to talk. No one set the timer or blew the whistle to begin the session. I simply captured their life as it happened. Sure, I gave a few prompts and we had scheduled some fun activities to do while I was there… but these images are real moments. Moments they experienced as a family – together – in their natural environment.

We shot indoors and out. It was a heavenly 70 degree day in early March. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do. This whole session was food for my soul. It solidified my passion for family photography in a lifestyle & documentary format.

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