Take the Picture | Embrace the Moment

It was a typical evening at the river. family around a table. Sunshine, a cool breeze, and smoke from the fire. They were eating oysters, so I grabbed my camera just to shoot for fun.

I took these two shots and thought – meh- They were ok. I captured the moment, but they lacked that “something special”.

The next morning my grandfather, pictured below, had a ‘spell’ as they like to call it. I thought back to these images from the night before and how this could have been the very last picture of him. It could have been our last evening together around the fire together. All of a sudden these ‘meh’ images had significant value.

I think I do that all too often in life as well. I look at moments as ‘meh’ or mediocre and fail to see the value in them until it’s too late.

This was my reminder to take the picture and embrace the moment.



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