Come Out of the Shadows

Hey mommas! Hey Photographers!

I looked through that 2015 folder of images as I prepared to make our first ‘family yearbook’. I looked at the pictures of our children and reminisced over what’s changed about them in the last 2 years. As I looked through the folder on the computer to sort through my favorites I realized that I was only in two images– Out of 1,000 ‘favorites’ from the year!!

In one of the two I was a shadow:

DSC_9807+PINIn the other you can see the back of my head.


I was crushed. I mean, my children will always remember mommy behind the camera. I WAS there. However, I want them to remember mommy being a part of the adventure, not just capturing it.

This is the heart of the sessions that I offer. Not the fully planned, pinterest-style shoot, but true womanhood & motherhood – in.the.moment. Mommy’s doing life with their children, one cookie at the time. Families finding adventure, one park at the time. Families finding balance, one day at the time. Whatever your adventure, whatever makes your love shine, whatever is genuine – that’s what needs to be captured.

This ‘Fukushima Family Yearbook’ experience really made me think about all the pages in our own stories. I want my story & my role in my children’s lives documented one from frame at the time. Not for me to look at, but for my children’s children to look at. After all, we are writing the intro for the stories of future generations.

I’d love to help document your story. Mommas – let’s come out of the shadows.







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