About Me

Coffee…lots of coffee. Loud music. Anything soulful should be played loudly. I’m a school principal by day and a momma super hero by night. I’m a dreamer. An adventurer. A realist. An independent woman that is dependent on the love of her husband. I’m passionate. I’m serious and silly and everything in between. I’m an introvert living in an extrovert’s world. Oh yeah, and I’m a photographer.

As surprised by the school principal comment as I am? Read more here.

My name is Chrissy. I love being in sweatpants snuggled up next to my amazing husband, Ben, watching the latest episode of The Voice or Ridiculousness. Oh man, we love to laugh, so much laughter and giggles with our three beautiful children – Naomi, Conner, and MacKenzi. These three bring so much joy to our home in the country. We chase fireflies, build forts, roast marshmallows, dance, and make silly faces. We hit the road and camp throughout most of the summer to show our kids that life is an adventure & that God has created some beautiful things for us to see and experience. I am a lot of things that I really never thought that I would be, but I’m glad it has all turned out this way.

I’m based out of a little town called Jamaica that’s nestled on the Rappahannock River in Virginia.



My Gear:

You will usually see me with the 35mm Nikkor lens or the 50mm Sigma Art lens on my Nikon D810. The 35 because I have a love affair with the distortion. And, the 50 because it’s my newest baby and is one of the sharpest lenses I own. I’m a bit too lazy to carry around the 70-200, but it makes appearance every once in a while because the compression is just amazing. Like whoa.

My passion:

Being behind the camera while also remaining a fly on the wall. I like to find the beauty in what is happening in real life. I look for a connection between the person and the environment or between two people. I look for that deep stare into the camera that goes right to the soul.  I try to capture anything that you can feel… or do my best to capture a moment that I felt so that I can hold on to it.

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Information about mentoring and family/portrait sessions can be found here.