His love

Here is where I share some of my testimony and how God continually prompts me to grow as a wife, mother, and leader.

Two Questions & a New Perspective

Ever ask yourself a question and the answer you get

3 Decisions That Saved Our Marriage

GETTING married and deciding to BE married are two

Healing Grounds Ministry

My sister and I have started a blog called

Encouragement for Driven Mamas

You know that nagging voice in your head… the

Choose Peace | Devotional

Sometimes I make a plan and it gets CRAZY. Sometimes I

The Innkeeper

Sitting at church this weekend something occurred to


My life has been so impacted by His love. His blessings have been so abundant in my life, that I think it’s appropriate to share because I want others to share in that experience. His mercy, grace, and provision have afforded me more opportunities than I can even recall, but when I look back – I am overwhelmed by his uncomplicated, unconditional, Simple Wild Love for me. He has that same desire to share His love with you.

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My Love

Here you will find images of the four most precious people in my life. My husband, and our three little ones- Naomi,

Our Love

If you clicked on this link – you and I have something in common. We love real-life, real-love, and the