Our Love

If you clicked on this link – you and I have something in common. We love real-life, real-love, and the adventures that life gives us.

I would love to be invited to your family’s adventure, whether that is PJs on the sofa on a Saturday morning, or in the woods at your favorite park on a Tuesday afternoon. However your family defines adventure and real – life – I’d love to document it. For you & for the future generations of your family.

Want to go on an adventure? I’d like to extend an invitation for your family to come to my family’s river property in Jamaica, Virginia for an adventure on a sandy beach or a stroll through the woods that outline the neighboring creek. I just want to capture you, your simple-wild-love for your family, and be able to give you a gallery of images that capture the essence of how your family defines adventure.

If you schedule a session with me you can expect to be relaxed, comfortable, and able to be yourselves. We won’t be doing the latest pinterest pose list, because I will be looking for those natural moments where you and your loves connect – where your love for one another is apparent. We will capture giggles, little hands in big hands, whispy hair under the sunset, and your beautiful family. This isn’t just a photo session, it’s a decision to make a time capsule of this stage of your family’s journey for future generations to see.

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Here are links to sessions, but my voice is most prominent here.


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