The Day Job

See, photography is an outlet for me. I am not the typical photographer – I’m actually a principal at a Special Education School. I know, a principal -it’s crazy! Sometimes I have a hard time taking myself seriously, but I think that’s what makes me different and relevant to the group of inner-city & small town students that our school works with. See – it’s not about a text book – or a worksheet – none of those things will change your life, but having someone believe in you and encourage you despite your shortcomings – now that’s where real change happens. That’s what we do at our school. I LOVE what I do, but our students present some heavy burdens that we try to help them carry, so that’s why photography is so important to me. When I’m behind the camera I look for emotions – happy ones – I look for beauty, joy, mercy & grace – I look for Simple Wild Love. By seeking these things out behind the camera I am able to see these things without the camera in my hand. It makes me look past the disabilities of the students we serve and see them for who they really are – an individual that was created for a purpose.